Our fretless Minstrel Banjo is a 19th Century reproduction that we handcraft ourselves out of Cherry, Black Walnut or Curly Maple. They are not museum reproductions, but are a good representation of the era for the re-enactor that likes a playable instrument out in the field in all kinds of weather.
                    CHERRY                                          BLACK WALNUT                             CURLY MAPLE     
                                                                      Click picture to enlarge

Our STANDARD MINSTREL BANJO comes with a laminated 12” poplar pot with your choice of Cherry or Black Walnut veneer on the outside. The neck is made of solid Cherry or Black Walnut. It comes with Remo 12” Fiberskyn head and Nylgut Minstrel strings. The tuning pegs are solid Ebony and the bridge is Maple. You have your choice of solid Brass shoes in either Star, Eagle, Leaf, Bow Tie, or Shield (cast from original 19th century shoes) and your choice of tailpiece from a solid Brass Hand (our own design) or a hardwood Fan tailpiece included in the price.  (See picture below)

Price $399

Our DELUXE MINSTREL BANJO in Curly Maple comes with the same choices as the Standard except the pot is laminated Curly Maple  and the neck is solid Curly Maple with deluxe pegs.

Price $599

BOTH Models come with a William Boucher style neck and headstock with beehive. Other styles of necks and headstocks can also be done.  We can make any of our banjos LEFT-HANDED at no extra charge.                                To order:   Email us with your contact information and banjo preferences.
Watch Tim Twiss demonstrate our Minstrel Banjo.

                                                         Your choice of Tailpieces and Shoes
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You can also purchase just the Indiviual SHOES.  Your choice of Solid Brass shoes in Star, Eagle, Leaf, Bow Tie or Shield priced at $7.50 each.  Each shoe is supplied with a 12-24 x 1/2 slot head screw.
                                                                                                                                                                Price $7.50 each
The Union Forever Eagle is also available.   The mounting screw is a 10-32.                           Price $15.00 each 
You can just purchase TAILPIECES from either the Solid Brass Hand or the Hardwood Fan.
Price $20 each 
WOODEN COFFIN CASES are made to fit OUR Minstrel Banjos and most Parlor Guitars. They are painted black and have 2 hinges and 2 safety latches. They are lined with Red Wool Felt and Victorian paper. The OUTSIDE measurements are 41" long, 15" at the widest point, and 5" deep to fit a banjo with a 12" diameter pot and a total length of 40" including the dowel stick. 

Price $125 with a purchase of an instrument. $150 case alone

              We also have padded gig bags available for $49.00.


To order, simply use the contact tab, or click here, and tell us your preferences in the comments section.